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Developer / Designer of Digital Experiences
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About Me

I am a developer/designer living in the Detroit area. I have a breadth of experience covering the advertising industry from my start at an illustration studio to working for some of the largest agencies in Detroit. I have been an illustrator, a technical illustrator, an art department manager, a layout artist at a newspaper, an art director, a flash/front end developer, and an email specialist.
What follows is a brief description of my work history and experience.

  • One Magnify

    Oct 2022 - Present

    Hired as a Senior Email Developer to work with clients such as Ford and Navistar on a wide vareity of emails from one off Ad-Hoc emails to always on automated sends. Working with a talented team of devs using an established custom code base I have created emails for various programs, from adding new models, changing functionality, and making simple content changes.

  • Latcha & Associates

    March 2012 - Oct 2022

    My career at Latcha was a varied one filling more than one role over my 10 years there. I designed websites, mobile apps, emails and print pieces, I even wrote copy for video scripts. I animated web banners in html and flash, developed mobile app prototypes, created motion studies for menus and scene transitions. As a developer I coded responsive websites and html emails, and designed interactive UX designs for many clients including Audi, Kia, Subaru, Ford, Vera Bradley, Criss Craft, and AM General.

  • MRM Worldwide

    2010 - March 2012

    I was hired into the Flash Developer group at MRM to help onboard the GM account, editing existing Flash pieces and developing new ones for all the GM brands. I worked with partner agencies creative and business teams to program websites, micro-sites, modules and ad banners for all GM brands. I created motion designs and animations, and worked with back-end developers to create web and mobile experiences that consistnently exceeded the clients expectations.

  • Team Detroit/Wunderman

    2006 - 2010

    I was hired as a Flash developer to create websites, micro-sites, modules and banners in as2 and as3. I designed motion and animations to enhance user experience. Maintained and modified vendors code, preformed minor video editing duties and compressed video and graphics for web delivery. Clients included Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Ford Credit, Ohio Art, Scotts, Compuware, Bosch, and Warrior Sports.

  • Campbell-Ewald

    2003 - 2006

    I was brought on to the digital team to program and help design all the CD-Roms for the 2004 and 2005 Chevy Catalogs. As the digital art director for Avalanche, TrailBlazer and Silverado, I was responsible for the imagery on those brand pages of I was also the digital art director on USPS and US Navy, creating Flash pieces, a mailing CD-Rom for the Post Office and directing several video commercials and photo shoots.

  • Dragonfly Studios

    1998 - 2006

    In 1998 my best friend and I started a multimedia studio called Dragonfly Studios. Our primary focus was on serving the ad agencies in town with technology based solutions to the needs of their various clients. I was the programming lead and art director for a diverse range of digital solutions including CD-Roms, flash games, websites, and interactive flash banners. Our clients included Bozell, FCB, JWT, Brogan & Partners, Campbell Ewald, Carlson Marketing, Helm, Armstrong-White, GM, the city of Southfield, and the US Army Tank Command.

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My primary areas of focus have been:

Salesforce Email Specialist

I have coded many custom email campaigns for Audi and Ford in Salesforce. I joined the Audi email team and worked on the existing code base for single sends, eventually taking over existing always on programs like Welcome and Handraiser. I was tasked with modifying the existing code base and custom toolset to change exisiting content, model year updates, and add functionality as desired. Working mainly in Email Studio and Content Builder creating templates, shared content blocks, code snippets and custom data extensions. On the Ford team I have worked with an existing code base modifying ampscript and html for a wide variety of email deployments.
You can visit my Trailhead Profile to see my progress in Salesforce.

Adobe Campaign Email Specialist

I have been crafting responsive email campaigns in Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Campaign Standard for the last 6 years. These have been highly personalized emails using segementation, server side js and tools like Nifty Images. Utilizing data such as age, house hold income, current vehicle, I have served various creative content into the same delivery template creating a personalized and unique email tailored to the exact recipient. I have created interactive pieces using css to provide carousels, image swaps and accordian menus for webkit enabled email clients like Apple Mail and Outlook for Mac, while ensuring a gracefull fallback for email clients that cannot view that content.

Front End Developer/Designer

I have designed and developed many websites, Flash eexperiences, banners and online advertising while working on some of the highest profile automotive websites like,,,, and Working for various studios and agencies I have designed digital and print content for many clients including Audi, Kia, Subaru, GM, Ford, Jeep, the US Navy, the USPS, Bosch, and Motorcraft.


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